The Sunu Band

A sleek, hands free, and discreet bracelet design that complements other aids.

The most advanced sonar with 5 meters range, hardness and shape detection.

Efficient GPS interaction through buttons & hand gestures while your phone rests in the pocket.

A silent haptic watch, a handy phone finder, and many other convenient utilities.

The smartest mobility aid on a lifetime membership with unlimited updates and device upgrades every two years for only $19.90 a month.

Elder user using his hand to get information about near places

Street Pointer & place pointer

Ready to head outside?

We’ve made maps much easier to use. Simply point your Sunu Band or phone in any direction and quickly get real-time information of the names of streets or places in the direction you are pointing and determine if you’re headed the right way.

The Sunu app will list places and streets in sightline based on how close they are.

A user standing tapping their hip twice to turn on gestures


Enable your gestures in the Sunu App. By tapping your hip, turn on your favourite feature on the go.

An iphone showing the sunu app the navigate menu with features: places, place pointer, street pointer and compass.

Sunu App

Gain full access to all Sunu Band features through this tab. We’re continually adding new cool things, but that does not mean using them needs to be harder. We’re giving you full customization access to your Sunu Band by simplifying the interface, adding more options while keeping the classic tools. Customize the features that appear on your menu, and decide your quick access preferred feature.

A guy touching the touch pad of his sunu band


-Are legally blind.

-Already use other mobility tools: white cane or guide dog.

-Are over 16 years of age.

-Use a smartphone.

-Have experience with Assistive Technology.

-Move around places without the need of a sighted guide.

-Have experience with Orientation and Mobility.

-Want to protect your head and upper body.

A hand holding a white cane and a Sunu Band with waves coming from top signaling a touch pad.
A hand holding a white cane and a Sunu Band with waves coming from top signaling a touch pad.


• Sonar features basic and advanced

• On-the-go GPS assistance

• BlindSquare

• Places, favorites, Where am I?

• Multifunctional companion

• Phone finder

• Sunu Academy

• Interactive trainer


Users love it!

“You need to start with an open mind, ramp up on the learning curve for a few days, then enjoy your new journey.” It’s making life simpler, you could be the next.

3 reasons why our users love the Sunu Band

What users say about us?

Aaron Linson

Trained in O&M

The independence the Sunu band gives me is awesome. I am legally blind, I have a small bit of vision however, I am loosing this vision. As a blind person who is trained in O&M, it gives me the freedom to move around obstacles with ease. It also allows me to have freedom especially in populated areas and tons of obstacles. I can’t thank Sunu enough for the daily freedom it provides for me.

Christina Luca

Facebook review

this has allowed me to become even more independent. I do a lot of walking and with the Sunu Band I walk with more confidence. I no longer worry about trees, trash cans and other obstacles. I wear it every time I go out. As a blind person it's a major part of my tool box of independence..

Justin Holland

Once I received my band it took me a little bit to get used to the features and learning how to use the sonar mode. After getting a feel for how the vibrations and haptic feedback work I quickly started to love this product. After using the band for a couple of weeks now it feels like an extension of my white cane or my guy dog.

Bruno Prieto


Sunu es genial, te ayuda mucho en situaciones cotidianas como estar en una fila o seguir una línea, además de la detección de obstáculos. Cuando te acostumbras al reloj las vibraciones ni si quiera hay que pensarlas porque se adquieren como algo innato y no te das cuenta que la estás usando. Es el complemento perfecto al bastón.

Get your Sunu band

Enjoy the Sunu Band with premium features when you purchase or become a member.

Sunu band from behind


15 feet or 4.5-meter detection range

Adjustable sensing angle up to 40º

Haptic Actuator: Licensed Immersion TouchSense®2200, 127 haptic effects

User Interface

2 side mechanical buttons

1 capacitive touchpad


Bluetooth Low Energy, Battery

LiPo Battery 190mAh, 0.703W

Charging Port: Micro-USB


What's different between buying the Sunu Band and becoming a member?

With both you get the premium features. The biggest difference is that becoming a member gives you a lifetime warranty and device replacement every 24 months.

Buying the Sunu Band will give you a 1 year warranty.

How is the onboarding process?

We recommend to all of our users to fill our Product Fit Survey since the Sunu Band works best if you can learn to use its features with the Sunu App. You can get to our survey here and we'll follow up with you.

Are there any tutorials and guides?

Yes, we offer a series of online tutorials and guides that are available at