Feel more free and confident every day with the Sunu Band

The Sunu Band is a smart band that protects your head and upper body by warning you through vibrations when an object or person is too close. You wear it like a watch and it will feel like walking with an invisible sighted guide, helping you get anywhere you want to go and keeping you safe at all times.

Feel more free and confident every day with the Sunu Band

Man hiking with his Sunu Band
Detect obstacles & reduce accidents to the upper body
Man using the Sunu App and Sunu band to guide him everywhere
According to users, it helped them avoid 9 out of 10 accidents
Young woman running with her Sunu Band
Gain more confidence walking anywhere
Miles Walked

Be part of a community that has become an inspiration for how sight loss is not a limitation but rather an opportunity to experience life in a different way!

Senior man jogging with his Sunu Band
“My friend loves his Sunu. He’s been completely blind for over 15 years and the Sunu Band lets him move around with more confidence than ever before. I haven’t seen him so happy in years.”

-Jeffrey R.
Our daughter has Leber's. She wears it every time she goes out. It's a major part of her toolbox of independence and mobility."

-Scott B.
Teenager girl using the Sunu App
Man crossing arms using his Sunu Band
I am totally blind in my left eye and legally blind in my right eye. I wear my Sunu Band on my left wrist, it enables me to be aware of and be warned of people coming up, something which used to startle me, before”

-Ray S.
“I thought I would be overwhelmed figuring out all the features, but it is very simple to navigate with the mobile app and even just to play with it."

-Donna B.
Senior woman using the Sunu App

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Sunu Band
Delivery within 3-5 business days within the US. Expedited worldwide shipping.
Battery life lasts 1 to 3 days and charges through a Micro USB port.
Standard 20mm watch strap that fits most men’s and women’s sizes.
One-year manufacturer's limited warranty.
Backed by a 15-day satisfaction guarantee.
Black Sunu Band
Sam at The Blind Life
“I got a real sense for how far away objects are when I’m using Sunu Band. I almost feel like I can ‘see’ the edges of the wall.”
Fasioneyesta Youtuber
“I had never felt more comfortable with my spatial awareness. I’ve unlocked a sixth-sense!”
James Rath Youtuber
“It has very useful features and has made me more confident in getting out and navigating my way around.”

Discover how Sunu band can help you in your everyday life

I have a guide dog, is the Sunu Band for me?
Yes! Pups are amazing helpers but they might miss an obstacle at the head level and they are not trained yet to help you with social distancing. That's why the Sunu band is the perfect complement. In the video below, Sharon, president of World Services for the blind and guide dog user shares her experience with the Sunu band.
I use a white cane, is the Sunu Band for me?
Yes, it’s the perfect complement for your white cane. Just wear it on the opposite hand with which you hold your cane and it will help you protect your upper body.
I'm partially sighted and I don't use a white cane or guide dog, can I use the Sunu Band as a stand-alone device?
Sure! And when you pair it with the app, you will unlock more useful features. The app is available for both Android and iPhone devices.
How long can I use my Sunu Band before the battery runs out?
The battery life may vary:
  • Average usage: up to 3 days
  • Constant use: 5- 10 hours
  • Low Power Mode: up to 7 days
Can I change the intensity of the vibrations or the range of detection?
Yes! You can customize the intensity of vibrations and also the range of detection of objects. For example; if you are in a small shop you might want the Sunu band to detect objects that are 3 feet away from you. But if you take a walk at a park you can set your Sunu band to detect obstacles up to 16 feet away.
What if I don't get the hang of it?
We provide you access to all the tools needed to learn to use the Sunu Band smoothly. If you run into any trouble, we will be here for you to guide you at every step via phone or text. If more than 5,000 people of all ages have learned how to use the Sunu band, you can too!
How can I make sure the Sunu band will be a great fit for me?
We can help you figure it out and solve any other questions you may have, please call us at 855-705-1244 or send us an email at hello@sunu.com
Customize your Sunu Band and unlock more features with the Sunu App
Access location information on the go!
The address of your current location
Street names and closest intersections.
Nearby places info within your path.
coffee cup
Search using categories and range
Sunu App open in the ‘nearby places’ section
Explore your surroundings with the Sunu App
  • Receive turn-by-turn directions
  • Know about places in the direction you point your hand
  • Customize your Sunu band’s detection range
  • Adjust the intensity of vibrations

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